Module 1: Ways to finance and purchase your first home.

·      What are the available home loans and how is the finance structured.

·      What are the banks looking for? How the banks profile applicants and how to prepare yourself.

·      To use or not to use a mortgage broker.

·      The Governments First Home Owners' Grant – What is it? How does it work? How can it best be used?

·      Buying your first home with your Superannuation.


Module 2: How to avoid the biggest mistakes First Home Owners make.

·      Needs Vs Wants.

·      Credit history myths.

·      Introducing 'the stepping stone home'.

·      The salary sacrificing trap.


Module 3: Pre and post settlement budgeting.

·      How to prepare yourself to transition from tenant to home owner – budgeting and cashflow.

·      How to easily and comfortably pay off your new home.

·      How to save $100,000 or more off your home loan.


Module 4: How to get the best deals from developers and builders.

·      Sometimes the extras are better received in cash.

·      The building process and time-frames.

·      Marketing methods used by builders to be aware of.

·      New home building variation costs.

Module 5: Private finance and property planning session.

A 60 – 90 minute private session to ascertain your individual circumstance and create your tailored plan to get you into your first home as soon as possible.