The FHO School has been established to bring together like-minded people and businesses to work collectively to help individuals purchase their first home.

As a part of the FHO School mission statement not only will we be educating people on how to finance and purchase their first home, we will work with them and help with the transition from the renter to established home owner.

This means we work with people before and long after they have become home owners, to help with budgeting and managing the extra costs associated with home ownership. We can be involved as little or as much as you need as we work side by side with you to achieve your home ownership goals.

We also understand the biggest road block; most people face in purchasing their first home is raising enough deposit. That is why as a part of the FHO school process we have established the “Graduation Grants” program.

This unique, first of its kind program, assists eligible first home owners with fast track deposit funding. Co-ordinated by the team at FHO School, the community driven initiative is a game changer when it comes to getting people into their first homes sooner.